This section has all of the characters who appear in MySims Invasion. All of the characters are in categories.

Time TravelersEdit

You Portal IconBuddy IconLyndsay Portal IconClasst Portal IconMorcubus Portal Box

Good Time TravelersEdit

You Portal IconBuddy IconLyndsay Portal IconClasst Portal Icon

Dino TimesEdit

Gonk Portal IconSylvia Portal IconPoppy Portal IconMitch Portal IconWendalyn Portal IconLilly Portal IconTad Portal IconStar Portal BoxBrandi Portal IconGino Portal Icon


Trevor Portal IconAmeila Portal IconGordon Portal IconYvette Portal IconLinda Portal IconMel Portal IconCassandra Portal IconBlaine Portal IconDolly Portal IconDarra Portal Icon


Spencer Portal IconVic Portal IconRaven Portal IconSummer Portal IconDerek Portal IconNicole Portal IconShirley Portal IconRoger Portal IconEmi Portal IconChaz Portal IconViolet Portal Icon


Goth Boy Portal IconOdin Portal IconCarl Portal IconYuki Portal IconEsma Portal IconBeebee Portal IconNova Portal IconDaniel Portal IconBeverly Portal IconTaylor Portal IconClara Portal IconPenelope Portal Icon


Zipper Portal IconAlexa Portal IconDr. F Portal IconVincent Portal IconLeaf Portal IconPetal Portal IconZoe Portal IconSappire Portal IconZack Portal IconPaul Portal IconGinny Portal IconAnnie Portal IconCandy Portal Icon


Morcubus Portal BoxEsma Portal IconBrandi Portal IconYuki Portal IconBlaine Portal IconGoth Boy Portal IconZoe Portal IconVincent Portal IconViolet Portal IconDerek Portal IconRaven Portal Icon

Morcucorp (Members that join later on)Edit

Derek Portal IconRaven Portal IconZoe Portal IconVincent Portal Icon

Morcucorp (Members that leave later on)Edit

Brandi Portal IconViolet Portal Icon

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